“How to Rig an Election” — Victoria Collier’s BREAKTHROUGH article in Harper’s!

Those of us who’ve faced the ugly truth about America’s voting system, yet still believe it possible to wrest that system from the clutches of the right (despite the criminal inattention of the Democratic Party, and most progressives), suddenly have something we can cheer about at last, and send out far and wide ASAP: “How To Rig an Election,” Victoria Collier’s excellent cover story in the November Harper’s.

If you’ve not been paying attention to the radical subversion of electoral democracy in the United States these last 12 years, this piece will blow your mind, and probably depress you; but if you don’t shake that off, and move to spread the word right now, by sending everyone you know this must-read article, you’ll have to share the blame for what will very likely happen (again) on Nov. 6, whether it befalls the presidency, Congress or some statehouses (or all of the above).

Brava to Victoria, then; and hurray for Harper’s, whose editors and publisher have shown us once again that they are brave enough to face an issue as important as it is neglected. (This new piece is a sort of sequel to “None Dare Call It Stolen,” the cover story I wrote for them six years ago.) The only other US magazine that’s shown the same intelligence and courage is Rolling Stone.


Harpers Magazine cover story: “How to Rig an Election”
by ivorysteve

My copy of the November Harper’s Magazine arrived today, with a surprisingly front-and-center article on the state of America’s vote-counting technology. It’s a well-researched piece, with much of it depressingly familiar to many progressives who followed the tin-foil-hat-tainted theories of the 2004 election. It reviews the recent history some of us know: the ESS&S / Diebold coziness, Bev Harris and hackable GEMS system, the Help America Vote Act Trojan horse, Chuck Hegal, Max Cleland, the exit poll disparities in Ohio and elsewhere in 2004 that all exhibited a “red shift” to the Right.

The article then brings things up to date.

Some argue that the Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008 disprove the existence of the red shift. However, this may be a misinterpretation of complex political upheavals that occurred in each of those election years…. Post-election analysis did in fact suggest extensive red-shift rigging. But in both election cycles, these efforts simply failed to overcome eleventh-hour events so negative that they drastically undercut the projected wins for the G.O.P.

Those events were Mark Foley’s exposure (and G.O.P. leadership cover-up) in 2006 and the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. But in 2010, the article details how the victories of Scott Brown, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, and Jim DeMint each left evidence that the computer-counted tallies were suspect.

Read more.

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