H.I.G. is “the new Diebold”

Although the old one isn’t gone, exactly, but has been absorbed into Dominion (!) and ES&S, which between them “count” the great majority of ballots in America today.



I am committed to helping deliver Ohio’s electoral votes to the presidentHey, remember when they stole Ohio? Hahaha, yeah, good times. (Here is aquick story explainering the bizarre discrepancies between exit polls, which showed John Kerry winning handily, and the tabulated results, which flipped that. It has the special bonus of world’s greatest pollster Dick Morris musing that since exit polls are like never wrong, and are used in Third World countries to determine if an election’s been thieved, Occam’s Razor insists that the easiest answer is not that the machines were hacked, but that the liberal media fixed … the exit polls. To dissuade Bush voters from coming out. A man of fierce intellect, most certainly.) Right, so! It is time to meet your new Diebold machines, from H.I.G., a company of fine fellows who to the man have donated to Mitt Romney, and a full third of whose board of directors come from Bain? Oh yeah, them.

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