2 thoughts on “New study finds “anomalies” in Mitt’s primary “victories” AND the votes “for” John McCain 4 years ago”

  1. This happened in the Democratic pResidential primary four years ago in New Hampshire. Votes on electronic voting machines were flipped, and Hillary won the primary.

  2. That’s right: Obama won in precincts where the ballots were hand-counted—same as in the Coakley/Brown contest in Massachusetts two years later.

    Reporter Dori Smith discovered that, a few day before the primary, employees of LHS Associates, the company that programs voting machinery throughout New England, had made unsolicited “house calls” in several NH County Clerks’ office, “to make voting problems disappear” beforehand:


    It’s worth noting that LHS (like all the other players in the computerized elections racket) has strong ties to the GOP; and that the party’s game plan for 2008 was based on a McCain-vs.-Hillary scenario.

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