Far-right dirty-trickster James O’Keefe gets nailed by his erstwhile collaborator

ACORN “Pimp” Cries Foul As Defector Lays Bare Plot Aimed at Obama’s Pastor
By Gustav Wynn

Congresswoman Maxine Waters + Obama’s former pastor are alleged targets in messages shared online after gonzo right-wing activist James O’Keefe was turned on by collaborator Nadia Naffe. Using O’Keefe’s own tactics for digging up dirt, Naffe has apparently teamed with a variety of indie bloggers to expose secret emails found in O’Keefe’s personal email account.

Nadia Naffe Lays Bare Alleged O’Keefe Emails by gw

Because she is female and black, ACORN ‘pimp’ James O’Keefe used her again and again to seek evidence of fraud by Democrats.

A former Breitbart blogger, Nadia Naffe could go where O’Keefe’s cameras could not, especially after his high-profile ACORN videos, subsequent lawsuits and arrest in Louisiana. We now hear his “trouble” in New Orleans came only a week after O’Keefe dispatched the charming Ms. Naffe to dine with Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King.

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