Channeling Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s Repub SoS asks SCOTUS to block early voting

Ohio Republicans Appeal To U.S. Supreme Court To Curtail Early Voting
By Steven Rosenfeld
October 9, 2012

Ohio’s Republican Secretary of State John Husted is deteremined to stop upwards of 100,000 Ohioans—many of whom are African-American churchgoers who live in the state’s cities—from voting on the Sunday before Election Day in November.

Husted has been smacked down by a succession of federal court ruling in his efforts to curtail early voting on the final weekend before Election Day on November 6th. But on Tuesday, his office filed [3] an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court raising the banner of a state’s right to regulate its elections as superior in law to the federal courts.

“Secretary of State Jon Husted today announced that he will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to make the final determination on whether the General Assembly of the State of Ohio or the federal courts should set Ohio election laws,” Husted’s website said [4]. “Husted will be appealing the Friday decision by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Obama v. Husted.”

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