Anonymous warns Karl Rove not to do it this time

“Karl Rove Believes He Will Rig The 2012 Elections. This message is for him.”


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Silly Rabbits. The “authorities” to whom you want to report Karl Rove are in on the joke, and always have been. Do you really suppose the (s)elections of 2000 and 2004 could have occurred without complicity of significant parts of US federal law enforcement and corporate news media? Next you can tell us how a gaggle of half literate rag-heads outwitted NORAD.

Even if they find the evidence, we will need much more public attention, media coverage and political will for it to mean anything. Remember Gore conceded knowing he won but unable to overcome the political onslaught of the right. Kerry threw in the towel to find the evidence after it was too late. Obama chose to let all this evidence slide, to appear more bipartisan andnow it will bite him in the ass. #mikeconnell #recount

what is different this election is that more people have woken up and there will be an uprising this time if the election is stolen.

But anonymous will release what they find directly on the Internet. It will be read and studied by millions, the media will pick it up, the people, realizing that their democracy has been usurped will demand this wrong be righted. They will get the job done, because they don’t bow to the elite.
I was also disappointed when the democrats didn’t make a ruckus over the stolen 2000 election and the flipped results of the 2004 election. I believe that America, as a whole would lose so much power if the world was to know that our elections were corrupt, and it would be a security issue. What we say to other nations wouldn’t carry any weight. Our boasting of governments run by representives elected by the people would be silenced.

You are very idealistic. The people of the Internet won’t care and won’t read it unless it’s disrupting their lolcats viewing or Facebook chats.

The media will pick it up?

Why didn’t the media report the recount of 2000 after THEY sponsored it?

Why didn’t the media report the subpoena of Karl Rove?

Why didn’t the media report when Mike Connell’s plane turned into a fireball?

They want to pretend everything OK with our voting, don’t you think?

As pointed out by Mark Crispin MIller, there are three legs to the “stool” that is corruption in America: 1) extreme amounts of money in politics, 2) rigging of elections, and 3) corrupt corporate media.

The last of these is crucial: The media is corrupt in part because they benefit from (1). And they are complicit in suppressing an honest discussion of both (1) and (2).

Nobody is saying that the simple fact that Anonymous is watching and accumulating evidence will be sufficient in and of itself to stop Rove and his henchmen from trying to hijack the election, or even to actually reclaim it if they succeed (God forbid.) But it can’t hurt to let them know in no uncertain terms that their every move is being monitored, and that the days when they could operate in total darkness like thieves in the night are OVER. It’s about time for all of us to give them notice that we will no longer tolerate their flagrant disregard and flaunting of the laws and guiding principles of this country, all in the name of advancing and protecting the interests of their 1% of the top socioeconomic 1%.

I say good for them: keep at it, Anonymous – we need you on our side!

I seriously doubt that Anonymous cares if Romney or Obama wins the election. They are equally in the pocket of the global fascists. Both the Occupy Movement and Anonymous knows this to be true. So why would they want to support anyone from the Democratic-Republican Party, Inc.?

I would sell George Bush’s non-soul to see Karl rove so exposed that he could not do anything except try to run and try to hide. Wouldn’t it be a joy to see the Republicans trying to deny and distance themselves from him. Get him Anonymous!

Gus W….I have no answers to your questions, and they are good questions that deserve an answer. If 3 out of the past 4 elections are obviously stolen, and the media stays silent, we wouldn’t just of lost an election we will have lost our democracy. And that just scares the crapola out of me.

It’s a shame that elections are so vulnerable here, but there have always been bandits and robber barons and dictators. What makes enlightened societies different is the people-powered activism and we just don’t have it.

Nearly half of us don’t vote in Presidential elections and in off-years, it’s almost two thirds:

In this way, we really are like lambs being led to slaughter. The most important issue, crucial to the preservation of humankind is being summarily ignored by both parties in the refusal to address what climate science is telling us:

Though the following are non-anonymous, they too are trying to save democracy.

Million Dollar Reward Offered To Expose Election Fraud

Today, we offered a million dollar reward for hard information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone using corrupt or fraudulent means to rig a 2012 federal election so the real winner loses. The information must result in a correction of the fraudulent election and must be new information not previously reported.

There has been a great deal of nefarious activity [2] in the run up to this election mostly by partisans on the Republican side of the aisle. Karl Rove is receiving a great deal of scrutiny for raising hundreds of millions from GOP billionaires to defeat President Obama.

So we want cyber sleuths and whistleblowers of all stripes to keep an eye out for things that normally stay hidden, such as manipulation of the tabulation results. We have a tip line 1-888-VOTETIP or send to [3].

Feel free to download this reward flyer [1], post it on your site, and send the link around.


In the meantime, wherever you are, do all you can to turn the electronic tide. As Rev. Jesse Jackson has put it, “We can afford to lose an election. We can’t afford to lose our democracy.”

Why Romney has already won this electronic election, unless…

by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Electronically, this election is over. Mitt Romney has won.

The big loser is not Barack Obama, or the corporate Democratic Party. It is democracy itself.

Unless YOU act now, and are prepared to fight this out for years to come, whatever remains of American democracy is done.



No nation that suffers the theft of three out of four consecutive national elections can harbor the illusion that it is run by the will of its people.

Those who would have it otherwise must work from now to Election Day and beyond, to:

” Check your registration — millions of us need to confirm that we are still registered voters and haven’t been purged from the polls. You can do this by checking with your county board of elections either by phone or online, or by contacting you secretary of state’s office;

” Occupy the polling sites — come out in droves on Election Day to guarantee that EVERY citizen can fairly vote. Make sure there is no voter intimidation or other repression of voting. Look for broken machines, proliferation of voters forced to vote provisionally, and other irregularities. If something happens to your vote, report it to us;

” Document the vote count — help implement a national network of precinct-by-precinct monitoring systems to track as closely as possible the voter turnout as a check against the final tabulated electronic vote count. Take photos or video of the final precinct voting results posted at polling sites;

” Stop voting machine rigging — Observe the polling stations to monitor which technicians come to “service” the electronic voting machines and how they do it. Take photos or video of them and their vehicles;

” Gear up now for post-election legal and direct action strategies to resist an electronic tally almost certain to be rigged on election night in at least nine swing states…or however many it may take.

Though all the pieces are in place, the GOP theft is not inevitable. But the realities are harsh and demanding:

There are no meaningful, legally binding public checks and balances on the tabulation of votes cast electronically.

” Exit polling has proven accurate to within 1% of the vote — the gold standard for detecting vote tampering in other countries such as Germany, which uses paper ballots. In the U.S., when exit polls don’t match the vote count, there’s no investigation into tampering. Exit polls are always “adjusted” late election night to conform to the ultimate “official” vote count, even though shifts in Ohio 2004 and elsewhere were virtually statistically impossible. This election, exit polling will not happen in 19 states.

” Despite an almost total blackout from the corporate media, the Romney family has a personal ownership (through the investment firms Solamere and H.I.G. Capital) in Hart Intercivic, which owns, maintains, programs and will tabulate alleged votes on machines in the critical swing states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Colorado. Despite various official disclaimers, the election could be decided on Hart machines producing “vote counts” with little connection to how 18 million people actually voted.

” It is inconceivable that the Romney chain of ownership in Hart Intercivic will not influence how that goes. The story has gotten widespread circulation on the internet, but has been ignored or dismissed by most of the corporate media and attacked by the Democratic Party. Petitions at ( )and elsewhere call for a Department of Justice investigation. Tens of thousands of citizens have signed on. But there is no legally binding way by which a professionally rigged electronic vote count can be overturned or even definitively discovered except through the use of unabridged but legally inconsequential exit polling.

” Scytl, a Barcelona-based e-voting company, has been contracted to count votes in 26 states through the easily rigged Federal Overseas Voting Program. FVAP is ostensibly geared to let military and other overseas Americans vote absentee by electronic means. But Scytl is positioned to intercept and redistribute such overseas electronic votes as needed through its spyware sister company, CarrierIQ. In a close race, these “votes” can be distributed at will to make the difference in critical swing states.

” Other key voting machine companies, such as ES&S, Dominion, Command Central and more, are controlled by major corporations, some of whose owners are outspoken in their support for the Republican Party. Such support is reminiscent of Diebold owner Walden O’Dell, whose election software and machines helped give George W. Bush a second term in 2004, as O’Dell promised.



is asking for donations in their valuable work to try to protect democracy:

Invest in Electoral Integrity with a Donation to EDA

Election Defense Alliance (EDA) is a participatory organization of citizens collaborating at the local, state, and national levels to defend against electoral theft, establish transparent vote counting, and ensure that governments accountable to the people are legitimately elected

Election Defense Alliance (EDA) seeks to expose election fraud and restore electoral integrity as the foundation of American democracy.

Achieving open and transparent vote-counting is of vital importance to all of us and to the survival of our democracy.

The resistance, as we have seen, is astonishing. So must be our effort and our determination.

Please support this important work.

If you wish to pay by check, Make checks payable to CICJ – EDA and mail to:

Election Defense Alliance
P.O. Box 3152
Culver City, CA 90231-3152

EDA is a sponsored project of Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism, a 501(c)(3) organization, so your donations are tax-deductible

@ Sidney, the point I’m trying to make is that there is already sufficient basis to believe there was massive election fraud under the ‘watch’ of this electorate and they didn’t do anything.

The media has indeed guarded the castle for the crooks, but the internet has allowed enough evidence to permeate the public, including the halls of power and big business. So people “know” about this, but don’t do anything – even the Democrats who have the most to lose.

Gus W….I know what your saying. I can’t understand why in Gods name the democrats don’t blow this up in the media. There is so much documentation of election corruption. The only thing that I can come up with is that the world would know that America is no different from Russia, Iran and all the other countries that do the same thing. The government likes to keep the American people looking down their nose at every other country in order to keep the american exceptionalism fairy alive, which allows this government to stick its nose in any place we want. We are no different, I know this now, and this knowledge gets me sick to my stomach.

Thank you Anonymous. You give me hope for the future of my Grandkids. Give Rove a little taste of what he can expect so he doesn’t dismiss you and your capabilities.

Power to the People.

Maria S
Northern Wi

I believe you can and will do it. I believe O will win big, but they are trying to make it look like a horserace. I believe he will win big again, as he must have last time, or they would have rigged it. I believe in us, in you, in us.

Perhaps if the clever individuals of Anonymous were to hack some of the ballot counting machinery owned by the Romney family, and flip the votes to Jill Stein, then it would be obvious to everyone that the system was truly broken, After all shifting votes to one of the 2 parties just won’t be noticed, …again…

Perhaps veterans too.

Before the election, more journalists need to report on the following as it might make a big difference among the entire political spectrum. Because if true, we need to know.

Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag” (Updated)

Real Intelligence Reports at Total Odds with Reported News

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Recent reports tying Coptic Christians to the “film” which was never the issue in the Middle East upheaval is an attempt by the same forces responsible for the Alexandria church bombings to bring about civil war between Christians and Muslims in Egypt.


First of all as to the “film” or whatever. As news managed to get past the “controllers,” it became obvious that the “Israeli” director never existed and the film had been financed by a group out of Las Vegas in the casino business tied directly to the Romney campaign.

This we know. You will see no reporting of this although the security around those funding the film and the quick “pounce” Romney made on Obama are enough to spark curiosity, if such a thing existed.

Actual intelligence sources in Libya have told us the following:

“The killings of the diplomats were done under the cover of the riots which had been orchestrated in advance over a series of days.

Four color printed placards were ready to distribute prior to the Jones “stream-cast” and groups had been warned in advance to prepare for a “serious foreign threat.”

The actual killings are said to have been done by a team of newly trained Special Forces from the United Arab Emirates working directly in conjunction with the Mossad.

Crowds were being managed by French DGSE agents, seen by the dozen, and British security service personnel were present but their role was not clear.

What is clear is that this was a carefully planned operation, orchestrating civil protests in order to facilitate the killing of American diplomats.”


The reasons for the entire operation are several. Two in particular are mentioned by analysts who actually observed some of the advance planning in both Egypt and Libya.

There are more than two, however.

Netanyahu wished to embarrass President Obama after receiving a “slight” over his upcoming visit to the US. Though Obama phoned Netanyahu, there will be no White House visit.

Netanyahu and his US affiliates carefully orchestrated these terror acts with supporters of the Romney camp including the “donors” responsible for the production of the original film.

CIA cooperation in an attack on American diplomats was arranged through Bush era intermediaries who manage contractor firms that are now tasked with all CIA “black ops”

Netanyahu is very upset at the US for scaling back joint military operations and actually citing Israel, during secret briefings, as a potential threat to US forces.

Netanyahu has been further emotionally destabilized by nearly violent confrontations with US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, a close friend of President Obama’s.

As more information comes available and we are able to provide additional verifications, all printed above carries “double” verification already, we will keep our readers informed.


Mitt Romney’s Secret Weapon: Clear Channel Radio

In 2008, Bain Capital acquired Clear Channel Radio and 850 radio stations for $24 billion, and records show 14 of the company’s directors have contributed more than $700,000 to Romney’s campaigns. Romney left the firm in 1999, but still rakes in millions from his sizable share of Bain investments and pays 15 percent tax.

Romney’s Bain Capital controls the board of directors of Clear Channel. These are people who started giving to Romney in 1994. This is a social and economic network that is deeply involved in Clear Channel and tightly controlled. These are Romney’s friends and allies going back to the very beginning of his political career. And now they control Clear Channel Radio, America’s largest and most powerful FM and AM radio station corporation. It operates 850 radio stations and reaches 110 million Americans.

Clear Channel syndicates most conservative talk radio shows including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. And what about all that “free” advertising that Romney gets every day on hundreds of radio stations across the country on these talk shows? What better way to control the message of conservative talk radio than to BUY it? Rush Limbaugh was given a $400 million contract in 2008 when Bain Capital purchased Clear Channel. He broadcasts on over 600 radio stations. Sean Hannity is heard on over 500 stations by 13.5 million listeners. Hannity also received a new and lucrative contract when Bain purchased Clear Channel in 2008.

It’s quite a propaganda budget…but if Mitt Romney wins the White House it’s worth it, right?

Where is our country’s reporters on this. We need them to be accurate, not to choose sides.

Press TV: US military planned mutiny on the Bounty to topple Obama

October 31st, 2012

Admiral Gaouette was part of a group of military officers who have been under suspicion for planning a “Seven Days in May” type overthrow of the US government if President Obama is re-elected.

“His [Romney’s] real intent is to occupy Iraq and attack Iran. In the process, America intends on “neutralizing” the nuclear capability of Pakistan. This is the plan, it is known, not just in the Department of Defense, but by all intelligence agencies, the plotters have all been recognized, are all under surveillance and they have not been very careful.”

The Obama administration has had American military, both on domestic and foreign bases on high alert since October 1. However, there has been no known terrorist enemy threatening the US. The enemy is called “domestic” but its origins are far from American.

Today, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was “fired” from his command of one of the three carrier battle groups back to Bremerton, Washington to face an investigation.

It is impossible to adequately state how unusual this is and how serious.

The Navy was clear that the charges had nothing to do with his personal conduct, no rape or sexual misconduct, no stolen money, no drug use, the things that usually bring down careers in the Navy, that and crashing ships into each other.

Gaouette was sent back because the Secretary of Defense found him unfit for command, sent him across the world in the middle of one of the largest combat exercises in history, one both timed prior to an election and one at a critical location, near the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Gaouette commanded nearly one third of the Naval and air combat forces in the region.

The decision was made based on a conversation with the Secretary of Defense who, at the end of the talk, believed Gaouette was part of a group of military officers who have been under suspicion for planning a “Seven Days in May” type overthrow of the US government if President Obama is re-elected.

This is not conjecture, dozens of key officers face firing, hundreds are under investigation, all with direct ties to extremist elements in the Republican Party and the Israeli lobby.

Reports received are sourced at the highest levels of the Pentagon and indicate that the administration has been aware of these plans for months. It is not just the Obama administration. This happened before.



The first link is very colorful – I will say that Romney’s “47%” video did include interesting comments about Karl Rove-types working both for Romney’s campaign and Bibi Netanhayu’s campaign in Israel, also about fear and hate.

The Benghazi cover-up narrative is a staple on Hannity and talk radio, in the far right wacko-sphere, so somebody is very invested in the story making a difference. They won’t let it die, even after front page debunking last week on NYT, WaPo and even by Dr. Rice.

We also remember how quick Romney was to lay blame and politicize the event as it was unfolding, so we know he was geared up for Benghazi-gate. Did billionaire donors bankroll the attack? That’s a bit fringy, but the ties to the anti-Mohammed video producer are much more plausible.

The implication that Romney surrogates were in on a plan though is serious – to imply that they would set up an ambassador to be killed as a false flag op is not something we should do lightly, even if it seems perfectly timed to help Romney stage a miracle come-back.

Libya has been a mess since the US bombed it in 1986. Obama’s bombing of government armaments in 2011, however was hailed as a success because it was brief and accomplished many objectives.

But for any intentionally-blind tea party person to say Benghazi-gate is worse than the Iraq war fiasco is surreal.

Republican policies sent thousands to their deaths on the false claim Saddam had a WMD program and meant to attack us. Trillions spent on debt, handed to our kids. Some of these same Bush era advisors are already part of Romney’s team, ready to use force to advance an agenda that is going to be more “strong” than Obama’s.

The Clearchannel/Bain story is way under-appreciated. Go forth and share it. Going now to NakedCapitalism…

Pardon the same comment at two different posts on your site. It seemed to be the thing to do.

“We can no longer accept the government under these circumstances, the money in politics, the rule by special interest, the war for profit and the imposed third world slavery that the American people are expecting their grandchildren to face.

Obama doesn’t get off the hook. He is now free to do all those thing he promised.”

– Gordon Duff, Senior Editor Veterans Today


The runway has been cleared for Obama to keep his promises. We need to keep up the pressure to make sure he does.

Meanwhile, the voters won.

I thank everyone at Mark Crispin Miller’s heroic site and all the heroic election integrity people and the heroic Veterans Today whose insider contributors provided background information so important to the public.

Post election Update:

Romney, Landslide Loser Refuses Timely Concession

GOP Retains Control in the House, Dems Sweep Senate

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

America does some really dumb things but running an organized crime boss for president, and a bumbling wimp of one at that, this had gone too far.

What we can tell you is that the senior active and retired intelligence and top law enforcement and DOJ professionals, the drug enforcement officers, they are the ones that beat Romney, not the Obama campaign.

They wouldn’t allow Romney to turn America into something even worse than the seemingly hopeless mess we have now and moved.

Probably the worst scam in the entire election was the accusations made by a few stooges, some former military, sold out to organized crime, that accused the president of murdering an ambassador in order to try to lose the election.

Add to that a phony corporate media who never attempted to dig out who paid for ex-CIA Rev. Terry Jones’ all day Muslim rant webcast that cost millions of dollars.

This was a smoking gun that the whole thing was the expected October surprise, and took us only a day to find out who all was involved. Data mining is a wonderful thing.

These stories need to be kept and whenever one of these phony military fatass types tries to cash in, they need to be shut down. Veterans Today’s archives are backed up on proxy servers off shore and can never be ‘disappeared’, hacked or firebombed.

Then we have Hannity, Dick Morris, George Will, Newt, and, don’t forget poor Sheldon “Kiss of Death” Adelson who thought he bought five states for Romney and got none.

Then we can see how well the Israel lobby did, New York is solidly Obama and, as of this writing, Florida is in play, a state that was supposed to be solid Romney territory with his Cuban connections.

Oops, we forget. Romney got burned for his Castro meetings.

The other upside is that the Israel lobby is now where it belongs, toothless, its massive influx of illegal cash into race after race and voters in almost ever case went the other way.

Cuba, the recent revelations, burned Romney more than we suspected. We ran the story, pushed to do so at the last minute but didn’t think it would get solid distribution.

We were wrong. We simply published, others put it in the hands of key political figures and squashed Romney’s backing in several key political and ethnic groups.

Our intel friends were busy in more areas also.

They leaked Romney’s ties to blood diamonds, money laundering, his ties to Castro and the cartels in Mexico and Columbia.

They even leaked his mistress, a Russian/Cuban spy name Maria Perez Andropov.

A few days before the election, what may actually be the best we have, a flawed lot I admit, but including key members of our military, moved on Romney and Netanyahu and, and, and…


We can no longer accept the government under these circumstances, the money in politics, the rule by special interest, the war for profit and the imposed third world slavery that the American people are expecting their grandchildren to face.

Obama doesn’t get off the hook. He is now free to do all those thing he promised.


The fun followup will be the wild conspiracy mongering that has already begun on Fox News, claiming ACORN and the Black Panthers rigged the election.

It is a reasonable estimate, not without some backing, that 5 million votes were flipped to Romney through software hacking, ballot box stuffing and simply destroying ballots.

He still lost big.


…here…despite the fact we are the largest active veterans group and, by miles the most politically effective, we continue to be minimized.

Veterans don’t need cigarettes, booze and bingo. Americans don’t need a police state. If government doesn’t want to hear the unpleasant truth, it can change or we will find a way of removing it. We didn’t take down the criminal cabal around Romney and his Bush associates by ourselves but we were a third of that effort, done without one cent of fund raising.

We had Americans with us. Again, my thanks to all that stood with us at VT, numbers I would never have imagined. I am humbled. Please post all election conspiracy theories in the comment section.


Bravo for all your efforts to preserve freedom in America. YOU ARE THE TRUE WARRIORS! Thankyou, everyone who did their part and prevented Romney and the corporate oligarchs from stealing our election this time. Blessings!

Just a correction about above comment with link that says, “Read more at Naked Capitalism.” I posted there first, copied to post here and did not proof read to alter NC’s automatically inserted link on copied text to read “Also posted at Naked Capitalism” so as not to indicate that there was more to read elsewhere.

That automatic link idea may create a feedback loop that creates more of a hub of aligned sites and people. Something to think about.

And, I am still here as you all are also. And, feeling fantastic. Though as Mark Crispin Miller’s current posts suggest, we have a lot more to do…together.

Bev…we have to keep our ground game going at full speed for the midterm elections and get people to the polls. The republicans only win when there is a low turnout, and we can’t let that happen ever again.

And Wow. Full Circle(s).

Karl Rove Loses Election After Being Checkmated By Cyber Sleuths?

Crossposted from Occupy For Accountability ( )

Last month, we offered a million dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone who rigged a federal election on November 6th. We urged computer experts to contact us with information about any election manipulation of the tabulation results.

We Received A Letter ( )

On November 12th, we received a letter from “The Protectors,” apparently a group of white hat cyber sleuths, mentioning our reward and stating that two months ago, they began monitoring the “digital traffic of one Karl Rove, a disrespecter of the Rule of Law, knowing that he claimed to be Kingmaker while grifting vast wealth from barons who gladly handed him gold to anoint another King while looking the other way.”

“The Protectors” said that they had identified the digital structure of Rove’s operation and of ORCA, a Republican get out the vote software application. After finding open “doors” in the systems, they created a “password protected firewall” called “The Great Oz,” and installed it on servers that Rove planned to use on election night to re-route and change election results “from three states.”

The letter indicated that “ORCA Killer” was launched at 10am EST and “The Great Oz” at 8pm EST on November 6th. “The Protectors” watched as ORCA crashed and failed throughout Election Day. They watched as Rove’s computer techs tried 105 times to penetrate “The Great Oz” using different means and passwords.

Finally, they issued the following warning to Mr. Rove: don’t do it again or they would turn over the evidence to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

We are not in a position to vouch for the contents of this letter any more than we can vouch for the video by Anonymous warning Karl Rove not to rig the election. However, we can analyze that content under the prism of Mr. Rove’s history and facts over the past few weeks. We do so in the hope that this will lead to an investigation of Mr. Rove’s entire operation ala General David Petraeus. In that spirit, we provided this information to the FBI prior to publication, and followed up after publication. For years, we have campaigned for a complete investigation of Mr. Rove, and we have provided extensive legal memos and evidence to the FBI to support such an investigation. (See e.g.,

We urge others who have information to about election tampering or other criminal violations by Mr. Rove, including violations of campaign finance laws, to provide that evidence to the FBI. We also urge people who gave money to Mr. Rove and his organizations to contact the FBI if they were misled, promised things that did not happen, or were otherwise defrauded.


On election night, Mr. Rove worked the three states that held the key to the election – Ohio, Florida and Virginia. But when he tried to access the Ohio election website, he kept getting error messages.

Finally, immediately after Ohio was called for President Obama around 11:30 EST, Mr. Rove appeared on FOX News to dispute the call, saying the election there is far from settled and the call was “premature.”


Lessons Learned And Our Position

At VR, we have spent the past decade exposing flaws in the election process, especially the use of electronic voting, secret software and cyber attacks on tabulation systems. Princeton computer scientists, Argonne Laboratories experts, GOP insiders and even the CIA have shown that electronic election manipulation is both possible and occurring.

Based on our experience and the supporting evidence, we take the letter from “The Protectors” at face value. Karl Rove had the means, motive, experience and opportunity to do whatever it took to win the election for his clients. If he, in fact, intended to use improper and illegal means to digitally manipulate the election, and white hat cyber sleuths who stopped it discovered that, then that is a good thing. We hope that those cyber sleuths will provide that evidence to the FBI, post it publicly or send it to us to do so.

One thing that is not clear from the letter is the relationship between the cyber manipulation and Project Orca. Were they both part of Karl Rove’s scheme? Were they using the overlapping servers or databases? Did “The Great Oz” automatically cause problems for Project Orca? Did Mr. Rove plan to use the data from “Project Orca” to help the cyber manipulation scheme succeed? We would like to know the answers to these questions so we can more fully understand the legal and moral implications of “Orca Killer.”

As far as lessons learned, we are hopeful that those who have been skeptical and opposed to greater security in elections will now get on board in a bipartisan manner to, as President Obama said, “fix” the broken election system. We are hopeful that billionaires, SuperPacs and politicians will see, as governments in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere have seen, that a few dedicated cyber sleuths can protect democracy from corrupt power brokers by thwarting electoral crimes. We are hopeful that everyone will see Karl Rove for what he is – a scammer who can’t win without cheating and manipulating election results.


Mark Crispin Miller’s coverage of Cliff Arnebeck’s legal explanation of election night should be in the Related Posts area at top or here.

What REALLY happened in Ohio on Election Night

Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis are the two Ohio attorneys who deposed Mike Connell, and who have otherwise been working to expose Karl Rove’s election thievery since 2004.

From Cliff:

Some hackers/spooks hacked Romney’s computers, which crippled his election day get out the vote activity. However I fail to see how this relates to Rove’s meltdown on Fox News that night.

A successful hack of the Romney campaign computers would have affected all of the operation, would have been illegal, and would have been known to Rove early on election day. So, it does not explain Rove’s dramatic disconnect over Fox’s calling Ohio for Obama at the 11 PM (EST) news hour.

The hack we discovered was limited to Ohio. Its use was coming from Bob Urosevich the same guy who personally delivered a malicious patch in Georgia 2002 which flipped the votes and outcome in their governor and US Senate races. Our exposure of the problem in court through one of the top cyber security experts in the world (so certified by NSA) occurred at about 3:15 PM on election day.

Urosevich would have been informed that the fix had been exposed and that an Ohio judge with jurisdiction had expressed willingness to adopt the corrective action recommended by our expert. He and the one operative who would have been positioned pull the trigger, instead nixed the operation. Neither of them would have been so foolish as to contact Rove to inform him that the Ohio fix was off. Rove’s communications were surely being monitored by law enforcement authorities.

Thus, Rove’s mistaken rant over Ohio being prematurely called for Obama.

Cliff Arnebeck

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