A “dead heat in Wisconsin”? Just one more lie to help “explain” a Romney/Ryan “win”

Just like those returning millions of imaginary “values voters” who help Bush/Cheney “win” eight years ago.


More Lee Enterprises Nooozepaper Lies: Wisconsin is NOT Split 50/50

Despite what a faux “left” propaganda rag and the rest of the Lee Enterprises disinformation machine wants you to believe, WISCONSIN IS NOT A TOSS UP. And here’s a neat trick — Lee Enterprises owns its own right-wing media echo-chamber and they use the old mast-head/brand of Capitol Times to hide the fact that their propaganda is being created and disseminated by a single right-wing nooooze operation.

Even though polls have shown President Barack Obama up in Wisconsin for some time now and more polls released late afternoon indicate Obama has INCREASES his lead, Lee Enterprises and the highly-partisan Marquette Law School Poll are reporting misleading data to represent that Wisconsin is split 50/50.

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