90 days to free Don Siegelman!

From Dana Siegelman:

Dear Friends,

You inspire us. Your creativity (see above banner), your optimism, your dedication…WOW!

We still need a hundred thousand signatures at That means constant publicity, posting on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, emailing to friends, co-workers, and organizational listervs. It means putting a bumper sticker on your car or making phone calls to your friends in the media to cover the story.

The next 90 days are crucial. More than crucial – pivotal! We are going to move mountains by inaugural day.

I’m going to be traveling around the country rallying support. I’m going to be raising money for ads, materials for distribution, and hopefully an agent to help with publicity! I don’t want to give up on my dad; I want to give it my all!

Dad and I had a long heart to heart yesterday in Oakdale, LA. He is hopeful but cautious, positive but realistic, angry but oh so funny. He made me laugh and cry all at the same time!

I promised him I would say thank you for him, that I would write and encourage you to work hard over the next ninety days. We need your talents, your connections, and your resources. Everyone has something to offer.

We cannot forget that Dad was dragged away in handcuffs and shackles five years ago and taken into solitary confinement because some people really do not fight fairly. We have to fight back (but fairly)!

Please join me in this movement, over the next 90 days, to free Don Siegelman.


Dana and family

To write Dad, please go here.

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