3 out of 4 Sequoia ballot scanners fail during training session in San Francisco


I signed up to be a poll “inspector,” which means I supervise a crew of 3 poll workers, and open up and close a precinct for the elections on Nov 6th.

I signed up partly out of curiosity, to see how elections work, and partly because I’m unemployed and could use the stipend but have the time to attend.

Ironically, out of the four ballot scanner electronic machines made by Sequoia (and whose purchase by the City of SF I protested) being used for today’s 3-hour training session, three stopped working during our training: one machine had technical problems straight away, one ran out of paper, and the other couldn’t get electricity though it started up initially just fine.

These machines feed the paper ballots and tabulate the scanned results. So that’s 3 out 4 machines that didn’t work during a training.

Yikes! That spells disaster for the use of those machines out in the field.


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