Why is Don Siegelman reporting to federal prison today? What’s the real story?

Why Is Don Siegelman Reporting to Federal Prison Today? What’s the Real Story?

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman is due to report to federal custody today in Oakdale, Louisiana, providing absolute proof that large chunks of Americans are perfectly willing to accept the idea of political prisoners in our “democracy,” circa 2012.

We have written probably several hundred posts about the Siegelman travesty, and you might think that we wouldn’t have anything left to say at this point. But you would be wrong, and that’s largely because the case was so profoundly screwed up on so many levels that the news just keeps on coming.

In fact, the following question is on our mind today: Was the appeal in the Siegelman case botched in part because one member of the three-judge panel operates out of fear from being the target of a failed assassination attempt more than 20 years ago?

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