What’s The Goal Of NYU Board Of Educators? Profit Or Students?

What’s The Goal Of NYU Board Of Educators? Profit Or Students?
September 24, 2012 • Trisha Marczak

(MintPress) – Not even a liberal arts university is free from the fight between the 99 and 1 percent.

NYU’s Greenwich village campus is set to undergo a few changes — $6 billion worth of changes that would trample the community’s two acres of green space and wipe out entire housing units in an already crowded neighborhood. And while it may seem like progress is being made, the majority of faculty are calling out the university’s Board of Directors for choosing profit over student success.

The university’s faculty have more than a few grievances with the 20-year construction project. Not only would it deter many from continuing their career at NYU, but it would also, from their viewpoint, keep students away. And when the project is all said and done, it would be the student population responsible for carrying the cost.

Yet even that laundry list doesn’t include the main concern of campus faculty — the very people who sit on the board of trustees who voted to approve the project have their hands in the real estate market known for its perpetuation of the hyper construction of New York City.

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