One thought on “Save The Village: October 10th – featuring John Zorn, Thurston Moore, Jesse Harris and more!”

  1. Please review. If even a low possibility, this would need to be prevented by broadcasting. To paraphrase Einstein, intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent problems. If the following analysis by James Fetzer is true or possible, I do consider you all at NYU geniuses and the world in need of your help.

    It is posted here as fitting in terms of Save the Village…and maybe The Village at Large.


    Jim FetzerSeptember 19, 2012 4:15 AM
    My great fear now is that the US and Israel are going to attack Iran on Yom Kippur, 25 September 2012, and that Iran and Russia are going to retaliate with a massive response, which is going to incinerate much of our country.

    from his aricle:

    “Innocence of Muslims”, the GOP and World War III

    by  Jim Fetzer


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