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Save Greenwich Village and NYU: Stop the Sexton Plan

To be delivered to: John Sexton, President, New York University

We, the undersigned, deplore the New York City Council’s vote in favor of the NYU expansion plan. The people of the Village voiced their overwhelming opposition to the project, while 37 of NYU’s own departments and divisions passed resolutions urging NYU President John Sexton to reconsider it.

In light of that broad opposition, and the many cogent arguments against the plan, we now call on NYU’s administration to abandon it, and to resume the proper mission of a university, with a new commitment to education and research, fiscal responsibility, the sustainable use of resources and space, and a neighborly respect for the community and character of Greenwich Village.

Tell NYU’s administration to abandon their multi-billion-dollar expansion plan to build more high-cost dorms, parking lots, and retail space, and tell them to focus on academic excellence. Thirty-seven of NYU’s own departments have voted against the plan, yet President Sexton has not responded to his own faculty members. He has not provided any evidence that NYU can afford this plan.

Make your voice heard, no matter who you are: you may be a New York City or Greenwich Village resident, NYU staff or alum, or you care about overdevelopment and the future of higher education. Don’t allow university executives to build unnecessary high-rises by raising tuition and transforming the Village!

This petition is organized by NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan. As teachers and researchers at NYU, we put education first, not real estate ventures. You can find out more about us at

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