NYU faculty shed new light on the Sexton Plan

NYU Expansion Foes Project Protests on Campus with OWS ‘Illuminator’ Updated September 20, 2012 9:31am
September 20, 2012 9:31am
By Stephanie Keith

GREENWICH VILLAGE — NYU faculty opposed to the university’s massive expansion plan took a page from Occupy Wall Street Wednesday night by projecting images protesting the redevelopment project on a handful of the college’s campus buildings.

Using the OWS “illuminator” — a van featuring a projector attached to the vehicle’s roof — activists lit up the sides of NYU’s Bobst Library and high-rises in Washington Square Village in an attempt to draw attention to the plan they see as out of scale.

The projections included images with phrases like “Condemned by NYU,” “NYU: Too Big to Fail?” and “Hey NYU, expand minds NOT propert

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NYU Faculty Splash Washington Square With Digital Graffiti
Thursday, September 20, 2012, by Dave Hogarty

Faculty against the NYU-Sexton, which will subject the school’s Washington Square neighborhood to a decades-long period of construction, recruited the A/V club from Occupy Wall Street to project a number of anti-plan messages on structures around the square. Occupy Wall Street’s “Illuminator” van uses a high-powered projector to shine images on vertical spaces. It’s like the bat signal crossed with PowerPoint. Last night’s displays were coordinated by the NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan, which previously published a book criticizing the NYU 2031 plan as physically and culturally destructive to the Village and potentially financially ruinous to the university itself.

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