How the DoJ handed a death sentence to an ailing man (and Vietnam vet) for selling marijuana legally in Montana

Mark, Flor was prosecuted because, despite strict compliance with the state laws governing medical marijuana, he was still in violation of the federal drug statutes. The conflict between state and federal law exists in all states with medical marijuana statutes.

Interestingly, these federal prosecutions are typically brought by the same people who love to echo the mantra of “states’ rights.”



On April 18, 2012, 68 year old Richard Flor, his wife Sherry and his son Justin were sentenced in federal court for operating a licensed medical marijuana facility that was fully compliant with the state laws of Montana. Richard, a Vietnam veteran, and Justin each received sentences of five years while Sherry was given two. Their arrests were part of a state-wide federal effort aimed at medical marijuana dispensaries licensed by the state of Montana.

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