Help the EDA keep Romney/Ryan from “winning” the election!

United We Count! 

Dear Supporter of Honest Elections:

We are happy to share our good news that Threshold Foundation has awarded a grant to Election Defense Alliance to cover part of the cost of the forensic work we hope to conduct in November. It is the SUSA method, with which we have had great success demonstrating in past elections a red-flag pattern of disparities nationwide.

Your part is to help us come up with the rest of the needed funding! We are in need of an additional $25,000 just for this SUSA operation, and we have only two weeks more to secure it. These funds cover the services of the pollster, Survey USA. Our work–determining beforehand the appropriate sites for investigation, analyzing the data on election night, and then writing it up and “getting it out there”–will be, as in the past, pro bono.

With the disappearance of the funds IHCenter was holding for us (and 200+ other non-profit organizations), built up and earmarked for this election, our election integrity work is especially in need of your support.

There is a strong shared sense that this must be the election that breaks things open for all to see and puts an end to the Alice-In-Wonderland nightmare that American politics have become.

With your help.

As we have reported before, we have a new fiscal sponsor, so that contributions are still tax-deductible, and the funds now go directly and safely into our own EDA account.

Contributions can be made by checks made out to

Columbus Institute of Contemporary Journalism — EDA

and mailed to Election Defense Alliance
PO Box 3152
Culver City, CA 90231-3152

Thank you for as much support as you can give for SUSA and our related work. The more funds we have, the more definitive our results from SUSA can be.

Please get back to us quickly. After you have mailed your check, please notify Jonathan directly so we can keep an up-to-date running total and know how much polling data we can purchase: Also feel free to call him if you have questions about the SUSA methodology: 617-538-6012.

We hope it has been a good summer for you and that working together now we can help turn our electoral system around.

Jonathan Simon, Executive Director

Sally Castleman, National Chairperson

Time is short — we have but 2 weeks to solidify our plan with SUSA.

Please respond immediately.

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