9 thoughts on “8 arrested in Wisconsin Capitol for holding signs”

  1. This is dangerously frightening. I think we might be looking at the beginning of the end of our democracy. It is being taken apart by members of the republican party piece by piece.

  2. I think it is time for many people to show up, at the same time, with blank sheets of paper to hold up. It could be a strong statement.

  3. America needs to wake up and cast their vote carefully in November. This is a disgrace that we should be responding to swiftly with peaceful protest. Don’t be lulled into thinking this is not the agenda of the men who have sponsored Paul Ryan. That Paul Ryan does not have the conscience to not do their bidding is appalling.

  4. this is a bunch of bull shit there taking our right away.where our freedom that are father and for father fought for never thought I see this in the good old U.S,A….How dare them!!!!!! so I guess ppl shouldnt give blood let the republican give theres..there alright sucking the blood out of us any way!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As the republicans claim to spread democracy around the world, they are slowly taking it apart at home.
    If anyone would like to check out a FREE ONLINE BOOK, written by Robert Altemeyer, who studied the rightwing republicans since 1966, please take a look. He explains how they think, and how dangerous they are.

  6. Thanks for posting this. I am one of the people arrested in the video (the ugly gray haired guy handcuffed in the beginning). Since the Arthur Kohl-Riggs shot that video police have made about 60 additional arrests or citations for smilar “crimes.” These get little or no attention in the incompetent Wisconsin press. Wisconsin, which ten years ago was a congenial and progressive place, has over the past two years been transformed into a lawless oligarchy with an openly corrupt Supreme Court, Governor, and Legislature. Few suspected that democracy here was so fragile and could collapse with such frightening ease. And what the GOP are doing in Wisconsin is a test run of what they plan to do nationally. Beware.

  7. I’m a 19 year-old who just happened to come across this video. I’ve spent the last few months debating people on why I should vote & I came to the decision that voting was useless and ineffective. After seeing this, I completely understand why I need to vote and I will be doing so soon. Really, really powerful.

  8. Next we’ll be told that we can’t wear t-shits that display images or text. Where does it stop?

    People need to band together and begin suing.

    I recommend contacting your local ACLU for support.

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