WI shooter was an Army psy-ops specialist & white supremacist (4)

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06 Aug 2012
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Shooting suspect was US Army psy-ops specialist: Pentagon 06 Aug 2012 The gunman suspected of attacking a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and killing six people was a former US Army “psychological operations specialist,” the Pentagon said Monday. Wade Michael Page, who was himself shot dead by police during the incident, was a 40-year-old who had served between April 1992 and October 1998, ending his career at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He received his basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma before being moved to Fort Bliss in Texas. Fort Bragg, where he finished his career, is home to many of the US Army’s airborne units and its Special Operations Command.

Wisconsin shooting suspect former Fort Bragg U.S. soldier 06 Aug 2012 The gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple in southern Wisconsin was a former U.S. serviceman, a law enforcement official said on Monday, and a monitor of extremists said the shooter had links to racist groups. The gunman, identified as Wade Michael Page, shot dead six people and seriously wounded three, including a police officer, at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin on Sunday as worshippers prepared for religious services. Police shot dead the gunman. Although the identity of the tall, bald, white suspect in his 40s was not officially released, Fox News said Page, 40, was a former soldier. Page at one time was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Fox said, citing unnamed sources.

7 Dead at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wis.; Officials Believe ‘White Supremacist’ Behind ‘Domestic Terrorism’ 05 Aug 2012 Seven people were shot and killed today at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis., in what officials are treating as a case of domestic terrorism. Though police have not given any details on the identity or motive of the shooter, or released the identities of the victims, sources have told ABC News the shootings are the work of a “white supremacist” or “skinhead.” This evening, the FBI and a bomb squad arrived at a home in Cudahy, Wis., near Oak Creek, and ABC News Milwaukee affiliate WISN reported the action appeared to be related to the temple shootings earlier in the day. Authorities also were trying to trace a single, semiautomatic handgun recovered at the scene, sources told ABC News.

Wisconsin shooting to be considered ‘domestic terrorism’ –27 agencies [!] responded and assisted with tactics, investigation –Will likely prosecute under US Patriot Act –Witness: Alleged shooter had ‘9/11 tattoo.’ [?] Authorities treating Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting as domestic terror incident 05 Aug 2012 The FBI is handling criminal investigation on the incident. Police, SWAT teams converged on the Sikh temple. ATF is involved. [Guess we’re not going to learn the suspect’s name until USociopaths purge every tie they ever had with him, so we can’t troll social media for ‘oddities.’ Just once I’d like to see one of these shooter’s lawyers call a press conference and say, ‘my client was under mind-controlled by the US government when he carried out his crimes.’ –LRP]

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