We fight the Sexton Plan to save the city AND the university: MCM interviewed by Jeremiah Moss

Mark Crispin Miller on NYU 2031
by Jeremiah Moss

Author and NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller is a member of the organization NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan (NYUFASP), a group that’s fighting NYU’s plan to bulldoze the Village for more development.

I asked Mark some questions about the plan, NYUFASP, and the fabulous book While We Were Sleeping: NYU and the Destruction of New York (which you can buy here or pick up at the McNally Jackson bookstore).

JVNY: Tell us a little bit about putting together the book While We Were Sleeping. It’s got a fantastic roster of writers. How did you know who’d be able to write with anger and clarity about NYU’s imperialism?

MCM: We didn’t know, but it did
work out beautifully. Peter Carey worked especially hard to help us fill that dazzling roster out. He also came up with the title, and got Tom Slaughter to provide us with the cover illustration. NYUFASP owes him a lot—and so will NYU, if it survives the Sexton Plan.

We’re also indebted to Sarah McNally [of McNally-Jackson Books], as the book was her idea, and she’s essentially the publisher, as her staff designed it, and the copies are all printed right there in her extraordinary bookstore.

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