“My Breakfast with Karl,” by Craig Unger

From Craig Unger:

Karl Rove doesn’t like me–or my book.

That’s what I learned Monday when Rove was guest of honor at a breakfast in Tampa and attacked Boss Rove as “an entertaining work of fiction.”


Craig Unger: My Breakfast with Karl Rove
By Craig Unger
1:15 PM, August 28 2012

Karl Rove doesn’t like me.

That was the big news I learned yesterday morning, as the Republican National Convention was about to get under way here in Tampa, Florida.

Rove was the guest of honor at a breakfast hosted by Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook in downtown Tampa near the convention center, and, as Tropical Storm Isaac taunted the Republican convention with sporadic torrents of rain and huge gusts of wind, Rove, clad in a blue blazer, a bright-orange tie, and Mercury dime cufflinks he proudly displayed, was his usual dazzling self when it came to wooing the assembled press corps.

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