In Waukesha, those recall ballots have been “saved” too late to make the slightest difference

From Jonathan Simon, in response to Recall ballots in Waukesha saved from the shredder!:

Sorry, not even remotely good enough. By now Nickolaus and accomplices–having unsupervised dominion over and exclusive access to the ballots for more than two months, as well as possession of an unlimited supply of blank ballots–have had all the opportunity needed, and then some, to swap out however many ballots required to match the machine totals.

It’s called “chain of custody,” observed in the breach. No need to destroy the ballots once they have been massaged, so understandable that Nickolaus would now cooperate. Perhaps a sophisticated forensic analysis can detect altered or swapped ballots–that is, at minimum, what is now required, not merely a count.

And of course what is really required are elections in which the votes are counted observably by humans before leaving public view. It’s that simple. Anything less can lay no claim to legitimacy.


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