How they “won” in Wisconsin—and how they’ll “win” the White House, if Democrats don’t snap out of their trance

From Richard Tamm:

Are you curious how the Republicans and Walker “won” the recall election in Wisconsin? Here is a long interview with Bob Fitrakis by Jim Fetzer on “The Real Deal” radio program. This is a long interview, but if you just listen to the first 25 minutes (you can skip the first 2:48 recording of the Beatles singing Day-tripper to get to the start of the interview) you can get enough to be so disgusted that you might even get off your duff and help us fight for clean elections. Please check it out.

Bob Fitrakis has been one of the most famous election protection fighters for many years. He is a lawyer in Ohio who took depositions under oath of people who had problems voting in Ohio in 2004 that finally got John Connors to hold Congressional hearings, etc. He’s great! He also wrote the article that I have included in this email, below the link for the interview.

– Rich

By the way, I was alerted to both this interview and the article by Richard Charnin who is another voting rights activist and has done a lot of work to prove that the numbers are wrong – statistical analyses of exit polls, vote counts, etc.. You should Google him and check out his website at:

Here’s the interview with Bob Fitrakis at:

And here’s the article:

from Richard Charnin on Facebook:

Richard Charnin: This most important, seminal piece on Election Fraud from Dr. Bob Fitrakis should be sent all over. To the so-called “public servants” in the Democratic party and the so-called “investigative” reporters in the mainstream media. Bob Fitrakis and other activists should not have to write articles on vote rigging. There should not have to be an election integrity movement. Citizens should not be disenfranchised from voting. And there should be solid proof that the votes were counted accurately.

Bob Fitrakis
Wisconsin: None dare call it vote rigging
June 14, 2012

If vote-rigging prospers, none may call it vote-rigging. It simply becomes the new norm. Once again, the universal laws of statistics apply only outside U.S. borders. The recall vote in Wisconsin produced another significant 7% discrepancy between the unadjusted exit poll and the so-called “recorded vote.” In actual social science, this level of discrepancy, with the results being so far outside the expected margin of error would not be accepted.

When I took Ph.D. statistics to secure my doctorate in political science, we were taught to work through the rubric, sometime referred to as HISMISTER. The “H” stood for an explanation of the discrepancy rooted in some historical intervention, such as one of the candidates being caught in a public restroom with his pants down and a “wide stance” soliciting an undercover cop. The “I” that came next suggested we should check our instrumentation, that is, are the devices adequately reporting the data?

Here’s where U.S. elections become laughable. A couple of private companies, count our votes with secret proprietary hardware and software, the most notable being ES&S. Every standard of election transparency is routinely violated in the U.S. electronic version of faith-based voting. How the corporate-dominated media deals with the issue is by “adjusting the exit polls.” They simply assume the recorded vote on easily hacked and programmed private machines are correct and that the international gold standard for detecting election fraud – exit polls – must be wrong.

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