Don Siegelman to be a guest on INN World Radio tomorrow (Tuesday)

From Tom Kiely:

Dear friends,

We will be having a very important show tomorrow night (Tuesday Aug. 21st 6pm CST) that I would like to let you know about.

For several years now INN, along with many others, has championed the cause of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman. Governor Siegelman and an associate are the victims of a foul political prosecution by the federal government under the George W. Bush justice department with continued hostility from the Obama justice department.

The case of Governor Siegelman is an unbelievable thicket of corruption and conflict of interest by our federal officials which we have gone into many times. So vile is his case that over 50 former states attorneys general, from both political parties, have been moved to petition the government to review it.

Due to this intervention the Governor was released from prison where he had already spent 9 months, much of it in solitary confinement, pending review. Well, his case has been reviewed—and his appeal rejected.

For this reason, unless there is intervention from the Obama justice department, the 66-year-old Governor must report to federal authorities on September 11th to return to prison for six and one half more years.

On tomorrow’s show Don will be our guest. I ask you to please tune in and after having heard what Don has to say I urge you to consider supporting his cause The website that has been setup on Don’s behalf, including a petition to President Obama, is:

Thank you,
Tom Kiely
INN World Report Radio

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