Craig Unger talks about “Boss Rove” (w/ an appearance by MCM)

Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom: Craig Unger on Stolen Votes, Political Attacks, Billionaire Ties

In a new book, author Craig Unger examines the return of Karl Rove, the man who masterminded the rise of George W. Bush from governor of Texas to a two-term presidency, who advised Bush during two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who was at the center of two of the biggest scandals of the Bush administration: the Valerie Plame Wilson affair and the U.S. attorneys scandal. While Rove was almost indicted for the Plame affair, he has reinvented himself to become the most powerful political operative in America. Heading up the American Crossroads super PAC and the affiliated nonprofit, Crossroads GPS, Rove has built up a war chest that has given Mitt Romney a significant cash advantage in the fundraising race with President Obama. In “Boss Rove: Inside Karl Rove’s Secret Kingdom of Power,” Unger writes that Rove’s ambitions are not simply about winning elections, but represent “a far more grandiose vision — the forging of a historic re-alignment of America’s political landscape, the transformation of America into effectively a one-party state.” [includes rush transcript]


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  1. The 2004 Ohio exit poll discrepancy was not 6.7%. It was much higher.

    Kerry won the unadjusted exit poll by 54.1-45.7%, an 8.4% margin.

    Bush won the recorded vote 50.8-48.7%, a 2.1% margin.
    The discrepancy in margin was 10.5% = 8.4% + 2.1%

    Kerry did 5.4% better in the exit poll than the recorded vote.
    The exit poll margin of error (2020 respondents) was 2.8%.
    Therefore there is a 97.5% probability that Kerry’s actual vote exceeded 51.3% (54.1-2.8)

    The True Vote Model indicates that Kerry had 53.6%, closely matching the exit poll.

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