Book by CIA exec’s son claims Agency killed Mary Pinchot Meyer

From Andrew Kreig:

Hi Mark:

The column below is getting good readership on my site, and might be of interest elsewhere.

I think the importance is that the author said no one has interviewed him in DC (aside from me for my column) four months after his excellent book came out. That kind of thing – and the horrid role of Ben Bradlee nearly a half century ago – help illustrate the MSM problem you’ve worked so hard to underscore.

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One thought on “Book by CIA exec’s son claims Agency killed Mary Pinchot Meyer”

  1. Mark and readers of this post:
    Please take the time to read reviews of Mary’s Mosaic from, one of the foremost (and almost certainly the most up-to-date) sources of historical research into the true facts of JFK’s and other assassinations. There are two thorough reviews of this book here, written by two of the leading assassination researchers, each of whom casts extreme doubt on the central tenets of Janney’s book.

    thanks for your good work.

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