Without consulting faculty, Yale to open branch in jail-state Singapore

Yale’s Singapore University Criticized For Free-Speech Restrictions
Jul 24, 2012 8:49 AM EDT

The Ivy League school guaranteed academic freedom at its new Singapore campus, but now administrators say not so fast. Alex Klein reports.

The first thing you notice on a trip to Singapore isn’t what the city-state’s critics might like you to see: the professor who can’t profess, the student who can’t protest, the waiter who can’t unionize, the bleached-white detention centers.

It’s the food—delicious. You can eat anything in Singapore: curry zestier than Delhi’s, pork sweeter and sourer than Szechuan’s, and, in its Americana-themed steakhouses, a solid sirloin.

All this—and the artificial beaches, the waterparks, the carnivalesque mega-malls, the prostitution towers—cater directly to the market island’s international clientele. Most are multinational banks or consultancies, sticking a foot in Asia’s doorway.

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