The scandal here is NOT about Karl Rove’s gay lover but (as usual) election fraud

Connecting the Dots Between Karl Rove and His Alleged Bisexual Lover

The GOP operative who is alleged to be Karl Rove’s bisexual lover states in a video that he has, in fact, worked with Rove. We also have learned that Ali A. Akbar has ties to possible election fraud in Texas, where Rove built his political base.

Election fraud in Texas? Gosh, no wonder it appears these two get along famously.

These latest details come from top-notch research at The Liberal Grouch blog. The Grouch, whose real name is Bill Schmalfeldt, has been closely following the story since Alabama lawyer Dana Jill Simpson released a letter last week that she had written to Robert Bauer, chief counsel for the Barack Obama re-election. The letter was a reaction to Rove’s recent bizarre rant on Fox News, in which he made a number of clearly false allegations about Bauer and Simpson, who is best known for her role as a whistleblower in the political prosecution of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

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