Faculty will walk if NYU falls to the Sexton Plan

NYU Plan Doesn’t Get Greenlight from Faculty. Some Say They’ll Walk Away.
Christina Mulligan | July 24, 2012 4:07 PM

This rendering shows how NYU intends to expand in Greenwich Village by 2031. The school says it needs to grow to survive, but many neighbors say the plan will overwhelm their historic neighborhood. Image courtesy of New York University.

New York University’s plan to expand the college in order to grow and stay competitive may require hiring a new team in the coming years. If the plan gets approved on Wednesday by the City Council, many distinguished faculty members have indicated they’ll leave.

“Already I’m starting to hear from colleagues who are seeking bids from other universities. They tell me that they have to do it. They just can’t imagine subjecting their kids to this sort of ordeal,” said Jan Blustein, Ph.D. professor of Health Policy and Medicine at the university.

Patrick Deer, associate professor of English at the university, explains the “sort of ordeal” that the students will have to go through is having their wallets emptied by the financial burden of the expansion. With New York University’s small endowment, 75 percent of university expenses is met by student tuition. Taking on a project this large and costly will likely hike up the price of education there.

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