Doctorow: Sexton Plan “is an insult and an injury to the Village”

NYU expansion is insult and injury to the Village
The university’s plan would run roughshod over a great neighborhood
By E.l. Doctorow / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 4:05 AM

This is the familiar story of a corporation versus people. New York University has morphed into a corporation. The people whom it would ride over with its vast, “NYU 2031” expansion plan are not only residents of Greenwich Village, whose open spaces and gardens and historic streets are to be torn up and inundated in dust and debris and left in the shadow of skyscrapers, but the men and women within the university who define its reason for being.

Thirty-four academic departments of NYU have passed resolutions against this plan, most of them unanimously. Hundreds of faculty have signed on to an ad hoc protest against the plan. But the voices of thousands of people both in and outside the university seem to be of no consequence when measured against the corporate voices of the university administration and its real estate-heavy board of trustees.

A City Council committee last week proposed modest changes to the expansion, including scaling back aboveground construction by 212,000 square feet. But that’s only a 17% diminution of the university’s — or corporation’s — monarchal ambitions.

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