CALL TO ACTION – NYUFASP releases viral video to save the Village, and the city, from the Sexton Plan!

via NYUFASP and StandUp4NYC:

Watch the Mogul Mike viral video right now and visit to see how you can take action!

The City Council vote is this Wednesday July 25th and NYUFASP has prepared a media blitz called StandUp4NYC to make sure the City Council knows where we stand. Please visit to take action: sign our petition to Christine Quinn, “Like” the Mogul Mike video on Facebook, share the video with your friends, and tweet it to the world!

Now is the time to spread the word. Please take a moment to share and comment through your social networks, and forward this email along to all your friends and family, wherever they may live. Sustainable development, student debt, and civic action are issues of global concern. For those just recently joining our fight, read our Mission Statement below to find out more…

Onwards! And thank you for being part of the fight!




We, the people of New York City, are tired of having our neighborhoods destroyed by big development schemes. No matter how much we object, it makes no difference. Our elected officials are too busy pleasing the big real estate interests to work for us, their real constituents.

This NYU expansion plan is only the latest example. It’s not about education—it’s a land grab pure and simple. Mayor “Mogul Mike” Bloomberg & City Council Speaker Christine Quinn both know it, and they’re part of it.

The vast majority of NYU’s own faculty oppose the plan—37 departments and divisions have actually voted against it. The people of Greenwich Village overwhelmingly oppose it. Community Board #2 voted against it unanimously.

It’s time to say that the buck stops here. No more. Not in the Village. Not anywhere.

Stand Up for NYC. It’s now or never.

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