Columbia faculty drives out “growth”-obsessive dean

After Revolt, a Dean at Columbia Steps Down
Published: July 3, 2012

A Columbia University dean who expanded the school’s engineering programs but was the object of a protracted rebellion by members of his faculty has resigned, the school said on Tuesday.

The dean, Feniosky Peña-Mora, was a high-profile addition to the facultywhen he was hired to run Columbia’sFu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2009. A charismatic scholar who won acclaim here and in his native Dominican Republic, he rose swiftly through American academia.

But on campus, Dr. Peña-Mora quickly became controversial. A majority of the faculty members and the department chairmen who served under him complainedthat he was expanding the engineering school too fast, overloading professors with too many students, making promises he did not honor and prioritizing fund-raising over research.

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The engineering faculty are a bunch of innovation destroying control freaks. They don’t even allow the book store to sell items with the engineering school logo, while Stanford bookstore will even sell a rubber stamp with the Stanford seal. They fix grades by how they can manipulate students to work for them. Study the distribution peaks on senior year grades and qualifying exam pass rates to see how corrupt they are.

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