Why, if Walker wins, there’s no reason to believe he really did

Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines
By Barbara With, Marianne M. Moonhouse and John Washburn

Command Central is one of Wisconsin’s leading vendors of voting machines and election supplies. They are distributors for Dominion Voting Systems, a privately-owned electronic voting equipment company. Founded in Canada in 2002, Dominion is now based in Denver, CO, since their acquisitions of Premier Election Solutions, from Election Systems & Software (ES&S), and Sequoia Voting Systems.

Command Central deals directly with Wisconsin county and municipal clerks and is closely involved in their selection of voting machines, ballots, and other election supplies. Command Central does all the maintenance on the voting machines and provides tech support throughout the year, with a special “hot line” should clerks need help with glitches, etc., on election day.

In June 2011, the Wisconsin County Clerks Association held their annual summer conference in Ladysmith. Seventy-five county clerks from across the state came together to, among other things, “assist the legislators in developing sound legislation that affects county clerks and county government by providing accurate and useful information.” WCCA Legislation Committee chair at the time was Kathy Nickolaus.

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this link will answer the question

Also, if two memory cards were used, the first one “pre-lab” could of contained the malicious vote stealing software and loaded the machine with it with no sign of it showing and a second card replacing it at election time could of been free of any virus yet the machine was already infected… if the election card that stored the data (second one) were checked it would show no signs and the first may of already been destroyed… also, the malware can be time stamped to destroy itself thus removing any sign of the machine having been rigged if checked after the election… this was proven and demonstrated by…

The link above takes to you evidence that proves the machines in Wisconsin could of been rigged by all that out of state money coming in to employ corporate insider shills or even the company that supplied the Minnesota strip mall vender by having planted the bug in the cards… this is very serious as the machines could of made the paper printout of the total the same as what it stored on the memory cards…

You have to watch “hacking democracy” by Bev Harris… the video that HBO aired one time several years ago can be found with other videos that prove this to be true and why only paper ballots that are dropped into a ballot box for hand counting is the only way to assure the secretive corporate gaming and vending industry do not steal elections with invisible votes that can not be recounted… they announce the winner and then what? Hands count all the ballots to look for errors? That should have been done in the first place.

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