What drove Karl Rove’s lying rant on Fox News?

Rove Repeatedly Lies on Fox News About Siegelman Case
By Andrew Kreig

Republican money-man and strategist Karl Rove deflected a Fox News interviewer’s questions about his financing this week with a lie-filled rant about Robert Bauer, President Obama’s counsel, and Alabama corruption-fighter Dana Jill Simpson.

Rove falsely told the Fox News audience that Bauer represented Simpson when she alleged in 2007 that former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was framed by the Bush Justice Department. In fact, Bauer’s name never previously surfaced in arguably the most prominent and notorious federal domestic prosecution of the decade. Rove is shown at left in his official photo as a Bush White House senior advisor from 2001 to 2007.

Simpson, portrayed at right in a 2008 CBS 60 Minutes show, denies she ever met Bauer, much less hired him.

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