Vote-suppressing robo-calls helped Walker “win”

Voter-suppressing robo-calls reported in Wisconsin recall
By Morgan LittleThis post has been updated
June 5, 2012, 3:59 p.m.

As Wisconsin residents decide today whether Gov. Scott Walker keeps his job, reports have surfaced of automated calls instructing voters who signed the recall petition that they don’t need to cast a vote to oust the controversial governor.

Numerous voters said they received a “robo-call” telling them “if you signed the recall petition, your job is done and you don’t need to vote on Tuesday.” Challenger Tom Barrett’s campaign has been swift to respond to the claims of misleading information being disseminated by an unidentified group. But, the Barrett campaign had yet to produce a recording of one of the alleged robo-calls.

Mary Urbina-McCarthy, finance director of Barrett’s campaign, sent out a fundraising email Monday after learning of the calls.

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