“Suspicious” bag of election stuff “found” in Wisconsin (just in time)!

From Mary Magnuson:

In Wisconsin, we won one senate seat by 834 votes. Today, Walker’s minions will decide whether they want a recount for that seat—which determines control of the senate.

So—just as they planted ammunition around the Capitol building when the protests began—look what they’ve “found” now:

Racine Co. Sheriff investigates bag of election materials
Posted on: 3:50 pm, June 14, 2012, by Justin Williams

RACINE — Racine County Sheriff’s officials confirmed Thursday, June 14th they are investigating a bag reportedly containing various election materials found outside Racine’sCesar Chavez Community Center, which served as a polling place during recall voting.

Racine County Sheriff’s Captain Unette Lemke told FOX6 News a citizen brought the bag to the Sheriff’s Office, and asked that it be examined. The Sheriff’s Office was reportedly contacted by the Racine County District Attorney’s Office, notifying them the bag would be coming to their office.

Sheriff’s officials say the citizen did not make any allegations, but claimed they found the bag outside the polling place. Captain Lemke did not confirm this Thursday.

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One thought on ““Suspicious” bag of election stuff “found” in Wisconsin (just in time)!”

  1. It seems you are the only one who is covering Republican vote fraud. I don’t understand the Democrats’ refusal to investigate, refute, and sue the Republicans for what they are doing, from 2000 onward. It’s a matter of self-preservation, yet they do nothing for the most part. We have to go to paper ballots which are the same in every state, county, city, looked over by certified and trained poll workers who will receive the same training. We also must go to a system of run off elections which are already in place in a few places around the country and break the control of the two parties on the electoral process Also Saturday voting. We also must have same day registration and easier registration all around. And of course get rid of the Electoral College. We are dinosaurs compared to the rest of the world.

    ALSO RECOMMENDED: In Atlantic on line: “America’s English-Style Legal System Evolved to Conceal Truth, No Reveal It,” by Evan Whitton.

    What are the Wisconsin groups doing about the probable stealing of the recall vote? What are the Florida groups doing to counteract Republican fraud which is sure to increase as the months go by? I don’t understand people who could vote for a man, Governor Scott, who committed Medicare fraud. They should have prosecuted him and sent him to jail at the time, instead of just fining him.

    I know Justice is going after the Florida vote suppression list now but it too will come to naught, I assume. You are right to call the party fascist. They are racists and misogynists and totally committed to the elite and the most vile authoritarianism. But so many Democrats are becoming authoritarian as well.

    What is that Woody Allen quote? We are between total despair and hopelessness and extinction and he hopes we have the wisdom to decide which. It goes something like that, don’t know exactly. That’s what it feels like when dealing with these people and the elites.

    America has become a country of low wage jobs and we are now predominately Hispanic and Hispanics are in predominately low wage jobs. Republicans can’t face that and are doing everything to cement white power in place, and that means white, male power with a few bones tossed to a few women and nonwhites who play the game.

    RECOMMENDED: Everyone should read Eric Laursen’s “The Real Retirement Crisis: Social Security and the Plight of the Elderly, at the top of the June 14 CounterPunch.org.
    This piece discusses the low and stagnant wages that are having an impact on Social Security and the eventual payouts to the elderly which will not be sufficient to live on based on the low wages offered for American jobs now.

    Elites show zero understanding and zero willingness to solve our problems. They are cocooned in their own little world looking on us, if at all, as distractions at best and at worst vermin to stomp out.

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