Security alerts at Swedish nuke plants; Fukushima facing typhoon summer

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22 Jun 2012
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Nuclear Plants Raise Alerts in Sweden 21 Jun 2012 Sweden’s three nuclear-power plants raised their security-alert level Thursday, a day after explosives were found on a forklift truck at the Ringhals nuclear-power plant. Suspicious material about the size of a fist was found by personnel carrying out normal security checks with a sniffer dog, and police sent a sample of the material by helicopter to a crime laboratory, which confirmed that it was explosive. Police are investigating the case as suspected sabotage, said Ingmar Nilja, a spokesman for the police in the district of Halland, adding that he has no information as to whether the plant’s nuclear reactors were targeted.

Fukushima Plant Faces Typhoon Summer With Added Tornado Threat 22 Jun 2012 Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant faces its second typhoon season since the March 11 disaster last year, raising the risk of further radiation leaks if storms thrash exposed pools of uranium fuel rods or tanks holding contaminated water. ‘Naked’ Pools: “Uranium spent fuel pools of No. 3 and No. 4 reactors are currently naked,” Kazuhiko Kudo, a research professor of nuclear engineering at Kyushu University, said on June 5. “A tornado with winds of 100 meters per second like the one that hit Tsukuba could suck up the pool water,” exposing the fuel rods.

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