Republicans cry “voter fraud” in Michigan—and they’re the ones committing it…

The Detroit News
Editorials June 9, 2012 at 1:00 am
Commentary: If anyone is committing voter fraud in Michigan, it is Republicans
By Mark Brewer

It’s been the GOP’s best fear-mongering tool for decades: Scare the public that Michigan voters are engaging in election fraud in order to justify enacting voter-suppression laws. But the truth is, Michigan voters aren’t the ones who’ve been engaging in election fraud. That’s been the Republicans.

One of the GOP’s favorite myths is that “dead voters” are voting in Michigan. Seeking proof, GOP Secretary of State Ruth Johnson started a secret study after she was elected. Tens of thousands of voters were studied. The Bureau of Elections staff found no evidence of “dead voters” voting in Michigan.

Undeterred, Johnson tried to prove another GOP myth by ordering all local election officials to report whether any non-citizens voted or attempted to vote in the Feb. 28, 2012, presidential primary. With about 1.2 million voters in that primary, if GOP rhetoric were true, one would expect that hordes of “noncitizens” voted on Feb. 28.

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