Princeton would put “tons of rubble” on historic battlefield, to house 15 professors

A Battle Over Faculty Housing

A FIGHT going on over a 22-acre Revolutionary War battlefield here is growing in intensity. Pitting scholars against historic preservationists, the conflict threatens to erase all traces of that earlier skirmish, which some historians consider the turning point of the War of Independence.

The property in question, owned by the Institute for Advanced Study, has recently been approved by the Princeton Regional Planning Board as the site for 15 faculty houses, covering 7 of the 22 acres. Those plans are being challenged by the Princeton Battlefield Society, a citizens group that views the site as the geographical fulcrum of George Washington’s counterattack against the British during the 1777 Battle of Princeton.

The dispute deepened two weeks ago when the National Trust for Historic Preservation listed the battlefield as one of the country’s 11 most endangered historic places, citing “inappropriate development” as the reason for its selection.

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