GOP attacks Obama’s DoJ—and after all it’s done for them!

Obama, Holder Merit Scant Pity After GOP Attacks on DOJ
By Andrew Kreig

Republicans on Capitol Hill this week escalated their attacks on Obama administration for alleged national security leaks, fatal lapses in gun-control and supposed interference with state power to curtail voting fraud lapses. Some Republicans are questioning the integrity of Attorney General Eric Holder, below left, and calling for his resignation.

Eric HolderDemocrats are used to relying on the civil liberties community for support in such battles. But here the facts are still largely hidden and Obama officials who have pooh-poohed domestic civil rights issues for most of their administration don’t deserve much support as they withstand attacks, fairly or not, for their own conduct.

Led by Holder, the Obama administration has whitewashed bogus Bush-era political prosecutions in Alabama, New Jersey, North Carolina and elsewhere. Also, it has crushed civil rights protections for torture victims and other detainees and whistleblowers. Further, it has fostered an unprecedented war on news reporters such as James Risen of the New York Times covering such matters. The DOJ’s overall strategy clearly came from high levels at the White House. Why, therefore, should civil rights advocates grieve if Republicans hound Holder and snipe at the White House?

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