Election fraud or “voter fraud”? Jonathan Simon wipes the floor with vote-blocker Hans von Spakovsky


Podcast: Is your vote safe? If you vote at an electronic voting machine, there’s a chance it’s not according to Jonathan Simon, Executive Director of the Election Defense Alliance. Jonathan argues irregularities in a number of districts that use electronic voting machines suggest several important elections may not have gone the way they should have, including the victory of Senator Scott Brown to succeed Ted Kennedy as the senator from Massachusetts… and maybe even the Republican landslide of 2010. We talk to Jonathan and then hear from Hans von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow for the Heritage Foundation’s Civil Justice Reform Initiative.

~ Carmen Russell-Sluchansky

LISTEN: http://capitolcorrespondent.com/cc/2012/06/19/electronic-voting-machines-and-voter-fraud/

One thought on “Election fraud or “voter fraud”? Jonathan Simon wipes the floor with vote-blocker Hans von Spakovsky”

  1. Jonathan is one of the most eloquent spokespersons in the Election Integrity movement. He sure did wipe the floor with Hans, who spouted the usual GOP tripe about bad exit polls which were soundly refuted long ago:

    a) Self-selection of responders: Hans repeated the discredited 2005 Edison Mitofsky “reluctant Bush responder” canard to explain away the 6.5% discrepancy: that 56 Kerry voters responded for every 50 Bush voters. Well it was 56/50, because that is what Kerry won by, not because Bush voters were “reluctant”. In fact the pollster’s own precinct data indicated that Bush voters had a higher response rate. Of course, no one will ever get to see the raw precinct data. Jonathan should have asked Hans why the National Election Pool will not release it.

    b) Hans said that the selection of representative exit poll precincts was flawed. In fact, the pollsters said the selection was just fine.

    Facts always win. I could not help but comment with a link to my blog.


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