Christianists promote “Religious Freedom Act” to bring theocracy to North Dakota

North Dakota “Religious Freedom Act” would allow the precepts of religion to trump the law of the land
By Middle Aged Woman Talking

In order to form a more perfect theocracy, the latest from the lunatic fringe is the North Dakota Religious Freedom Amendment, or Measure 3, due to appear on the North Dakota Ballot, this Tuesday, June 12, 2012. As ever when you hear the words “religious freedom” you can be sure that whatever is being discussed has virtually nothing to do with religious freedom and everything to do with anti-reproductive choice for women. You can be even more sure that something other than religious freedom is up when you find out that the powerful North Dakota Catholic Conference (NDCC) and the North Dakota Family Alliance, the state’s leading Religious Right Group and local affiliate of the James Dobson’s Focus on Family, were behind the petition that collected signatures from the voters to get the Act on the ballot.

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