BREAKTHROUGH II—on DailyKos: “It’s the Voting Machines, Not the Voters”!

Daily Kos: ELECTION FRAUD: It’s the Voting Machines, Not the Voters

How can we rely on voting results when the cases of voting machine problems are so hugely widespread?

There are over 200,000,000 million registered voters. It would take a huge amount of voter fraud to tilt an election. However, an entire county’s votes can be compromised by voting machine problems, and they have, many times over.

The GOP is yelling about Voter Fraud, when the real problems are the well-documented problems with voting machines? You never hear them yelling about this reality.

Read more. (plus many good graphs)

One thought on “BREAKTHROUGH II—on DailyKos: “It’s the Voting Machines, Not the Voters”!”

  1. Markos banned me in Sept. 2006 after just two weeks for daring to post on election fraud. The real breakthrough will come when the mainstream media pundits discuss electronic vote rigging and the red-shift. Don’t hold your breath.

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