Australian journo gets it half-right about GOP plan to steal the next one, too

It’s not just those Jim Crow laws that enable them to steal elections. Such disenfranchisement of a lot of Democrats before Election Day is only the first step of a now-well-established two-part process:

1) Pre-Election Day, you shrink the pool of eligible voters through voter caging, bogus “felons” lists, erasing names from the computerized voter rolls, etc.

2) On Election Day, you use the electronic voting system—i.e., e-voting and e-vote-counting—to cut the Democratic vote, and pad your own, as needed.

Like all US reporters, this reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald says a lot about Step 1, but utters not a peep about Step 2.

Unless the press—and Democrats—give up that one-eyed view, Mitt Romney will be President in January, whether We the People vote for him or not.


Published on Saturday, June 2, 2012 by Sydney Morning Herald
Republicans Plot to Steal White House
by Paul McGeough

There’s a fiendish cleverness in perpetrating a fraud in broad daylight, at the same time as you tell the people that it must be done to guard against – you guessed it – fraud.

The reality of voter fraud in the US is that it is virtually non-existent. It has been known to happen, but studies reveal its probability is less than that of being struck by lightning – just 0.0009 per cent in Washington State and a very remote 0.00004 per cent in Ohio.

So welcome to the state of Florida, where the state emblem is the hanging chad. Remember, it was here that just 537 votes in the recount drama of 2000 threw the presidency to George W. Bush.

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