A Romney “victory” will be bad enough, but think about the House…!

From Jonathan Simon in response to Australian journo gets it half-right about GOP plan to steal the next one, too:


Of course, but my only gloss on this, and I think it’s an important one, is that the infestation is by no means confined to the presidency (in fact, it would not be irrational to leave Obama in office till 2016 with a completely recalcitrant SC and Congress, and then bring in someone they greatly prefer to Romney, easy tool though he seems: say, Scott Walker), although that is what consumes 90%+ of the media’s and public’s attention.

The rigging of the House in 2010 has had monumental consequences, as has the almost certain rigging of at least a couple dozen statehouses, such that we now have those ALEC-drafted Voter ID laws as well as a decennial redistricting even more cynical that usual. In fact, if the rigging were just of the presidency, America would probably survive well enough, because there’d still be a political opportunity for balance and “checks and balances.” Karl Rove may be a genius, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that to get the “perpetual rule” he set forth as his goal, you have to corrupt at multiple levels.

Congress–and particularly the House, because of the gerrymandering that protects at least three-quarters of its members–really comes down to less than a hundred “swing” elections, and we’ve seen how those have gone since the riggers mastered the game, and after the falsely reassuring hiccups of 2006 and 2008, in which bizarre 11th-hour political developments (Foley et al, and Lehman Bros. repsectively) overcame enough of the rig to produce what we now recognize as anomalous Democratic victories. Just as Voter ID controversy, real as it is, operates as a kind of misdirection vis a vis the electronic rigging scheme, so does exclusive focus on the Presidential race create a huge blindspot for the full design and impact of the infestation.–Jon

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