Will Dems go for “austerity” in the US? (Maybe we’ll find out on May 15th…)

Will Democrats Embrace “Austerity American Style”? Crash This Party And Find Out
By Richard (RJ) Eskow
May 11, 2012 – 7:31am ET

Heard about the meeting that’s being held to decide your economic future? If the answer’s “no,” don’t feel bad: That’s because you weren’t invited. But Tim Geithner was. So was Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican member of Congress whose radical right-wing plans for cutting Medicare have made him the subject of a Mitt Romney “bromance.” So was Bill Clinton, who showed up last year and uttered the usual Beltway insider’s falsehoods about what’s really wrong with Social Security.

Hey, maybe your invitation to billionaire Pete Peterson’s “Fiscal Summit” got lost in the mail. Or maybe they really, really didn’t want you there. Who cares? That’s no reason not to go anyway.

Hey, Sen. Bernie Sanders wasn’t invited, and his proposal for Social Security was much more popular with the American people than anything that’s likely to be discussed at this little get-together.

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