3 thoughts on ““Killer on the Road: The Untold Story of Drive-By America” PANEL w/ Ginger Strand, Josh Ozersky and MCM”

  1. Thanks, Mark. That was informative and enjoyable. Ginger and Josh were great, and it was superb how there were some overlap in what would normally seem to be thought of as unrelated topics.

    Also, it’s amazing, and very disturbing (to some of us), the number of times that we hear of our government manipulating people for their own advantage. Just as the interstate highway system sort of created a mirage of reality (along with Col. Sanders, LOL), maybe our nation is more “mirage” than we care to admit?

    Just a thought.

    Thanks for the web presentation.



  2. dear Mark, very interesting, cogent program! Everyone articulate and engaging.

    I will be in NYC the first week of October. Would you be interested in a program on my 2011 cotranslation of Aime Cesaire’s Solar Throat Slashed? if there is any interest, I can send you a flyer detailing some aspects of this collection. CE

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