From the So-What-Else-Is-New Department: Florida’s Rick Scott purging eligible voters from the rolls

A big bouquet of stories on the GOP’s old-fashioned voter disenfranchisement in Florida.

This stuff, being visible, is, no doubt, the least of it…


(Thanks to Ellen LaVan Schindler)


Here’s the cover story, from Fox: 

53K Dead People on Florida’s Voter Rolls

Fox News – May 17, 2012

Florida is scrubbing tens of thousands of dead people from its rolls, as it answers  the 2012 elections in which the coveted swing state will play a key role more information before they purge someone from the voting rolls.

In-Depth: Latino Voters Likely To Bear Brunt Of Florida’s Voter Rolls Purge‎ Huffington Post
Blog: Is Florida trying to purge legitimate voters?‎ Palm Beach Post (blog)
State may remove 180000 voters from the 2012 rolls‎ Florida Courier
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And here’s some coverage of what’s really going on:

Rick Scott Purging Eligible Voters From Florida’s Rolls

TPM – 4 hours ago

Six members of Florida’s congressional delegation are pushing Gov. Rick Scott (R) to stop purging the state’s voting rolls after numerous


Florida Democrats say Gov. Rick Scott leading ‘misguided’ effort to

‎ – 13 hours ago (a pick up from Miami Herald which is unusual as the TBT leans left) 

Florida Democrats say Gov. Rick Scott leading ‘misguided’ effort to purge voters from state rolls. By Amy Sherman, Miami Herald

Florida purging voter rolls


FL Republican Chair: Bill Nelson “defends” right of dead, noncitizen (blog) – 14 hours ago

Rick Scott’s plan to “purge” the voter rolls, Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry hit back with this written statement: “This past ..


Congressmen urge Gov. Scott to stop voter purge now

Miami Hurricanes (blog) – 14 hours ago

Scott of using a voter roll cleanup to disenfranchise voters. … hurried voter purge and it could have major consequences for Florida’s election in …


South Florida Democrats say Gov. Rick Scott leading “misguided – 21 hours ago

Rick Scott is leading a “misguided” effort to purge legal Florida voters, … registered Democrats and could play a pivotal role in the outcome of a …

Voter-purge list appears flawed

‎News Chief – 4 days ago

The state cannot revoke voting privileges in Florida. In 2000, hundreds of people were wrongly purged from the roles, and the state was sued

Meet Maureen: Eligible Florida Voter Just Purged From The Rolls

ThinkProgress – 3 days ago

Meet Maureen: Eligible Florida Voter Just Purged From The Rolls approaching — they will be summarily removed from the voting roles.


Decorated Broward War Hero Targeted In Gov. Scott’s Voter Purge

WBFS – 20 hours ago

Internicola, who has voted in Florida for 14 years without a problem, was registered Democrats, so the county could play a pivotal role in the





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