Darkness spreading in the heartland: University of Missouri Press to be shut down (2 items)

University of Missouri Press will shut down
By Dale Singer, Beacon staff

The University of Missouri Press, which has published hundreds of books about the state and region for more than 50 years, will be phased out beginning next year as the university system concentrates on six priorities more closely aligned with its mission.
A statement released by the university said it is reviewing business operations of the press — which receives an annual subsidy from the university of $400,000 but operates at a deficit — to determine how to carry out the phase-out, which will begin in the next fiscal year. No timeline has been established for it to be completed.

“Similar to other industries,” the statement said, “scholarly publishing is dramatically changing due to emerging technology, making traditional publishing very challenging. Typically, most scholarly presses do not generate revenue for universities — with most just trying to break even.”

University President Tim Wolfe, who took office this year, has established six strategic priorities for the system to focus on: focused strategic planning; attracting and retaining the best people; innovative instruction; operational excellence; expanded research and economic development; and effective communication of our value and importance.

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Closure of Press attracts national attention
Posted May 25, 2012 at 8:12 p.m.

The reaction to yesterday’s news of the University of Missouri Press closing because new system President Tim Wolfe wants to prove he’s a good steward of money has been interesting and not unlike the reaction to March’s news of NSEI being shut down.

Locals aren’t up in arms. People who are more familiar with the implications of the decision are. And the protests and observations are coming from around the country.

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