Connecticut, Thank You for Ending the Death Penalty!

Breaking news: Connecticut has become the 17th US state to abolish capital punishment. Thank you Connecticut for joining the majority of countries in the world in rejecting the death penalty!

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One thought on “Connecticut, Thank You for Ending the Death Penalty!”

  1. This is proof, if any be needed, that money doesn’t just corrupt governments. Monsanto shows every bit as much concern with its destruction of the bee population as our government shows in its use of Agent Orange. After all what’s a few bees and what’s a few military personnel?
    This is also a good argument against allowing any corporation to get so big that it can buy its way out of any trouble it causes to mankind. This transcends national borders! Maybe it is time for a United Nations government; left to their own devices, corporations and nations seem incapable of looking out for their own survival. We are presiding over our own demise and so blinded by profits that we are unaware of it. We need to be protected from ourselves! Hello out there,,,any intelligent aliens listening?

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