Tell Obama: Veto the anti-protest bill! (PETITION)

Why This Is Important

The U.S. House and Senate have both recently passed bills that place crushing new restrictions on the First Amendment rights of all Americans. This legislation puts new limitations in place that charge protesters with federal crimes if they protest on federal grounds, at any location in which someone protected by the Secret Service (the President, a former President, a Presidential candidate, or any number of domestic or international figures), or at any location sanctioned as being of “national significance” — including the Democratic and Republican conventions and even Super Bowl XXXVI.

H.R. 347 and S.B. 1794 *severely* limit the ability of Americans to exercise their First Amendment rights to speech and assembly — and destroy the long tradition of American protest. We are calling on President Obama to veto this legislation, and to stand up for those who wish to participate in the political process in deep and powerful ways.


3 thoughts on “Tell Obama: Veto the anti-protest bill! (PETITION)”

  1. “including the Democratic and Republican conventions”

    Recent national conventions of both parties severely infringed upon the right to peaceable assembly. This law will only enshrine the practice.

    The vote in the Senate was conducted by unanimous consent (as requested by Harry Reid, a Democrat) and therefore no record of who voted and how was recorded. I intend to ask my two senators (Franken and Klobuchar) how they voted on this although I expect it will be months before they respond as usual.

  2. MSNBC had a program on last night about alleged “sex slaves” in Detroit, showing a young girl being mistreated by the Police because she was apparently being a prostitute and caught by Police entrapment; and then excessive use of force was employed on her alleged pimp. A friend of mine driving cab was mistaken for someone else was cuffed and forced to lie face down on a wet street until they discovered it wasn’t who they thought and let him go without apology. He couldn;t afford to sue because it’s a small town and unless you have enough money to pay a lawyer who can tell his GOPstapo Judge – hey babe they gave me $50K I couldn’t refuse, no one will prosecute a case for you and the GOPstapo never allowes pro se litigants to prevail. These sorts of neo-moral pretensions – pedophilia as in the case of MSNBC or terrorism, &c – are used to make cruel and unusual punishment without due process of law acceptable to the masses, GOPStapo Judges &c and then deployed as standard Police procedure. The US is not becoming a Fascist Police State it already is and has been since long before I can remember.

  3. Fascism is alive and doing quite well here in the USA. it might not have ever gone away, but it has resurfaced with a vengeance. My only hope is for all to sign petitions, and stop voting for these establishment candidates as they no linger represent us,and this includes OBAMA,

    We now live in a Prison Planet, where folks, mostly minorities, are being locked up for petty crimes. The Obama justice Dept. under Eric Holder- is out of line and way out of control with his “FAST AND FURIOUS” gun walking scheme. The banks own our elected officials, including the President, and that’s why he won’t rein them in. It’s called ‘pay back” for helping to support his elections.

    Watch the movie-THE OBAMA DECEPTION full length on Youtube and judge for yourself as to whether he truly is in office to represent the people of this great country. The Oligarchs found Obama-as he is related to Bush and Cheney too, and chose him to run for office in order to get massive amounts of minorities to come out in droves to elect him. it worked, and now Obama has screwed them royally. But, if Obama doesn’t fall in line, they will just JFK and Lincoln him. So sad, so very sad indeed. Our Presidents are just the front men or women who are there in front of us to take the heat, and give us the illusion that they care about us, the people. They don’t.

    The true powers are the watchful eye, that is located on top of the pyramid. They are the true power and are called-the ILLUMINATI. Other powerful groups are the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission, IMF and of course,. the Federal Reserve, which is propping up other county’s banks and economy—with our taxpayer money. The Fed is another illegal scam perpetrated on the US taxpayer, to fund the wars and steal our money, and causing huge debt for our children and our children’s children. Read-Creature from Jekyll Island- for more info on that.

    As a Liberal and Progressive, I find it distasteful that Obama ran as a Democrat, but continues to vote the other way. He is not a Democrat by any stretch of the imagination. No way in hell . Wake up folks, The Republicans are no better. Read the books-Greedy Bastards and Throw Them All Out.

    The wars are not a jobs program, and our military war machine is way out of control too. We have given our elected officials much too much power and leeway, and it’s time to take it back. In fact, we should flush the government out and start over.

    I want a “do over” now.

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